Fleshlight Case Lets You Get It On With Your IPad NSFW

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You probably don't want to use this as your regular iPad case.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET
Some people love their iPads. Some people want to make love to their iPads. Those folks can now buy the $24.95 LaunchPad case from Fleshlight. It holds your iPad while incorporating a sort of docking station for a Fleshlight on the back side. If you don't already know what a Fleshlight is, fleshlight.sjv.io/DVLa2b I'm not going to describe it. You can go google it yourself.

Buyers have to provide their own Fleshlights along with an iPad 2 or a 3rd or 4th-gen iPad. Sorry, iPad Air and iPad Mini users, you're not going to get lucky with this case. A neoprene Velcro strap holds the Fleshlight in position. The rubber LaunchPad is described as having "rugged handgrips."

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The product-tester customer testimonials are a great source of amusement. Fleshlight quotes anonymous user Moneyshots as raving, "I get out my LaunchPad whenever my wife goes out of town. Now I wish she'd leave more often... this thing is amazing!"

The whole idea of a Fleshlight-equipped iPad isn't particularly new. The company was reportedly toying with the idea as far back as early 2012. Perhaps what's most surprising is that it took this long to become a real product.

Fortunately, the promo video doesn't show any real action, though you probably still don't want to crank it up in your cubicle at work. It's promoting the use of the LaunchPad as a way to keep couples connected over long distances. It also includes a wonderfully silly sequence of Fleshlight bowling, with the LaunchPad knocking the devices all over the place. At least Fleshlight seems to have a sense of humor about this product.