It Is An Enigma Worthy Of Our Greatest Code Breaker

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It is an enigma worthy of our greatest code breaker.
Britain's spy centre has devised its 'toughest ever' quiz to celebrate Alan Turing becoming the new face of the £50 note by the Bank of England.
If that was not enough for keen cryptographers, the note itself also contains a number of coded references to the celebrated mathematician and his life. 
The Turing Challenge has been compiled by intelligence staff at GCHQ based on the design of the new banknote and Turing's work breaking the German navy's Enigma codes in the Second World War. 
The quiz features 12 problem-solving puzzles leading to one ultimate answer.

Some require general knowledge, while others need logic to solve. 

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But all are fiendishly difficult, with experts saying the challenge should take even the most experienced puzzlers seven hours. 
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And on the note itself, eagle-eyed sleuths will also spot a line of ticker tape showing a binary code made up of ones and zeros.