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Pingos Geocoin ist die personal Pin des Cacherpaares "Pingos" aus Amsterdam. Es ist bis jetzt die einzige personal Pin, die die amerikanische Künstlerin Tsunrisebey designt hat. Die Pin zeigt ein Pinguinpaar, welches sich liebevoll mit den Flügeln umfängt.

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The Pingos Geocoin is the personal Pin of the couple "Pingos" from Amsterdam, Netherlands. It's the only personal Pin that was designed by the american artist Tsunrisebey. The coin shows a couple of penguins which is embrassing in love. Between them you can recognize a little heart. Here the story about the Pingos and their personal coin: "For years we had a Garmin 28 which we only used on our holidays in order not to get lost while hiking in the mountains. Some 10 years ago one of Marjon's colleagues mentioned he used his Garmin for geocaching; sounded interesting so we decided to give it a try and we spent a whole day finding one of the multis in our area. That was great fun so we did a few more caches shortly after and we got addicted to the game...... we are only caching occasionally but yet we have logged around 6300 geocaches so far. Finding a nick-name was not difficult: Rob's mother was in love with penguins and since she died shortly before we started the game we decided to honour her with a nick-name related to penguins. The most obvious ways of spelling were already in use but when came up with Pingos this one appeared to be free; this way Pingo Rob and Pingo Mar were born.

After finding many caches and logging a lot of trackables Marjon got more and more attracted to geocoins; searching the internet, contacting many geocachers around the globe she got addicted to these coins. Since 2007 Marjon started building her own collection which has grown to over 2500 different coins by now..... her favorite coin-designer has always been Tsun. Tsun designs coins with nature and wildlife; both of these are Pingos' favorites while travelling around, so most of Tsun's designs are in our collection! Our favourite is probably the Rainforestjewel but we also love the Turtles and many more. Being our favourite designer we were very happy that Stephanie (Tsun) was willing to design our very own Pingos-geocoin."


  • Größe/Size: mm
  • Dicke/Thickness: mm
  • Gewicht/Weight: g
  • Präfix/Prefix: ohne
  • Form/Shape: Pinguin
  • Farbe/Filling: hard enamel
  • Vorderseite/Front: 2D
  • Rückseite/Back: ohne
  • Trackbar auf nein


Auflage Bild Metallfarbe Farbe Edition-Name Editionen Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
20 Pingos GeoPin1.jpg Antik Silber lila / lila / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin2.jpg Antik Silber schwarz / rot / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin3.jpg Antik Silber schwarz / grau / weiß (glow) RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin4.jpg Antik Silber schwarz / türkis RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin5.jpg Antik Silber blau / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin6.jpg Antik Silber blau / rot / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin7.jpg Antik Silber grau / türkis / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin8.jpg Gold rot glitter / weiß glitter / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin9.jpg Gold schwarz / rot / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016
20 Pingos GeoPin10.jpg Gold grün / rot / weiß RE Pingos Pingos 01/2016


Pinguin, Pingos


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